Links to free greenhouse building plans and information

Constructing and operating a greenhouse in USDA zone 4. Stuart Culp's photographs of construction, extensive text, links to drawings and details of a wood frame, triple wall polycarbonate-glazed greenhouse. Very informative.
Building a passive solar greenhouse. Photos and text of construction and management of a greenhouse in northern New Mexico.
Sundance Supply website has simple plans drawn for a multitude of greenhouse sizes.
The site has a confusing layout, but persevere and click on "See Plans, Materials, Costs of Greenhouses & Sunrooms" in the yellow box near the center of the page.

Traditional gable style PVC frame greenhouse plans and Arched frame PVC greenhouse plans (PDF file) --parts list and clear illustrations from Circo Innovations
They also offer cold frame plans (PDF file)

Uraniborg greenhouse, a greenhouse and workshop. Modelled after Margaret Simpson's Taj Majal greenhouse.
"We built a straw bale greenhouse/guesthouse for $200" Just photos. More useful as a guesthouse, I would say, as it seems pretty dark inside except right in front of that slanted window wall.
Pit greenhouse. Links to photos and other greenhouse info.
An economical hobby greenhouse. Photos from Houston Gardening. No specific plan, but some useful info.
Planning and building a greenhouse, from West Virginia University extension service.
DIY cold frame from planted at home.
Building a passive solar greenhouse, from University of Missouri Bradford Research & Extension Center. Extensive instructions, photos, and materials list.
Construction history of a hydroponic greenhouse. Text and extensive photos provided by Darrin and Andie, who live in eastern Wyoming.
Detailed drawings of polycarbonate glazing attachment to frame. From Plant Ideas. Also, building a greenhouse foundation.
How to build a PVC hoophouse (parts list and photographs for 10 x 21 ft size) from The Westside Gardener.
Links to photographs of steps involved in building a tiny cabin. Might be helpful for greenhouse building, too. From
Planning and building a greenhouse from West Virginia University and extension service. Overview.
Small backyard greenhouse plans from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Incudes drawings and photographs for a greenhouse 12 x 14 ft.
Straw bale insulated A-frame home and greenhouse. The Gunderson home and greenhouse are beautiful and functional structures. Nestling "Walden-esque" next to its north woods pond, the Gundersen home takes its aesthetic cues and its structure from its natural surroundings.
Wood frame greenhouse (8 x 10 ft.) with nice roof vent detail. Includes drawings and parts list, from BuildEasy. Dimensions are metric.
Worldflower Garden DomesYou may prefer a different shape for your greenhouse. Geodesic domes offer another possibility. From Ernie Aiken of Worldflower Garden Domes, connector kits are available--cut your own lumber and save money, or purchase a complete ready-to-assemble garden dome kit. Worldflower Garden Domes, telephone 512-431-9752, fax 512-863-9728. Not free, as the above resources are, but certainly interesting. You can easily make a paper model from Ernie's website graphics to preview any of the dome models, or just look through the extensive photos in the site.


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